Say “Yes” to Getting More “No’s”

If you’re “Three-Stepping” like a pro and sharing Trunited daily, it is inevitable you are getting plenty of “no’s”.

It can be hard to hear “no”, especially when you’re not used to it. But rest assured, every great entrepreneur has heard it.  James Katina gets no’s. James Wood gets no’s. Carlos Salguero gets no’s.  In fact, the business builders hearing “no” the most are usually the ones giving themselves the most chances to hear “yes.”

Even the best opportunities aren’t for everyone. But often it’s the person saying “no” and not the person hearing it who regrets it in the end.

So the next time you find yourself afraid of rejection, just remember how these famous “no’s” worked out…

It’ll Never Work (from Home) –

Ken Olsen, an MIT engineer and co-founder of Digital Equipment Corporation, said no to something that seems to be catching on these days.

His Plan Never Took Flight –

French soldier and military theorist Ferdinand Foch sounds like the kind of person you wouldn’t want to be in a bunker with…

Sometimes It’s Better to Be Silent –

When Harry Warner, one of the Warner Brothers, was first introduced to sound in film, he would have done better to attempt his best Charlie Chaplin impersonation and keep his mouth shut.

You Should Probably Answer That Call-

Dear William Orton,

Since you are President of Western Union, I’m writing this telegram to offer you 10% of my patents at an affordable price. One of them is this promising invention I call the telephone. Hit me back with your answer!

– Alexander Graham Bell

Riding Off Into the Sunset –

Finally, remember this the next time someone advises you against building your business. The President of Michigan Savings Bank, when advising Henry Ford’s lawyer on whether or not to invest in Ford Motor Co., was a horse of a different color.